Tunnels / Subways


CONTRACTOR     Ringway Group
DESCRIPTION     Infilling of subways at Marble Arch, London
MIX DESIGN         600kg/m³ 2N/mm²@ 28 days
VOLUME               1330m³


The project was to infill 5 subways around Marble Arch, London. We were contracted to set up our onsite batching plant, to pump around 300 linear metres from a central location. This meant all the subways could be filled without having to move our equipment around. This decreased the amount of traffic congestion around this very busy area by not having to close off any roads.
A basic site configuration of our on-site batching plant with single silo set up


Deliveries were made via cement tankers allowing us to produce some 85m³ from each tanker load. The tanker(s) were on site for around 40 minutes blowing into the silo. We were receiving a maximum of 3-4 deliveries depending on the daily volume required.


On-site batching plant sited on the pavement of this very busy road, taking delivery of a tanker full of cement.
Here we have a very good example of how we advise the clients to block the subways in preparation for us to start filling. The gap left for us is perfect to be able to access inside as this was the last subway to fill so it was our only way through to the other subways thus preventing running any pipeline over ground.
Inside the final subway on the first 1 metre lift.
The Foam Concrete being poured into the final subway.


We have expertise and plenty of experience working in challenging environments, where our competitors would struggle to pump the volume or distances. Their approach might have impacted the busy traffic flow in central London, whereas ours is lower carbon, lower impact and therefore more environmentally friendly.
Please contact Lynton Cox or Andrew Cox, who will be able to advise you on the very best approach for your next project, references are available on request for this or any project that we have featured on our website.