Production Process

Foam Concrete Limited have various ways of producing foam concrete depending on the volume strength and site footprint. We survey each project and come up with the best solution to fit the clients needs.
On site batching unit
For projects requiring high volumes of lightweight foam concrete we set up our on site batching plant with two 20 ton cement silos.
This machine is a self sufficient unit with a weight of approximately 17 tonnes and 10metres in length. It is capable of producing and pumping 100 cubic meters of foam concrete per hour and discharge via rubber pipeline up to 500 liner meters in any direction from the batching plant.
The machine is fed via cement tankers rather than ready mixed concrete trucks. This gives us full control of the concrete pour and we are able to produce from 55-134 cubic meters of light weight foam concrete per 30 tonnes of cement depending upon density and strength required.
Below is a picture of the batching plant in operation located in the middle of the elephant and castle roundabout where foam concrete was used to infill redundant subways.



Roline inline pumping unit
The roline pumping unit is the newest edition to our fleet this small but powerful unit is ideal for sites with limited space.
Base mix is delivered via ready mixed concrete trucks and discharged in to the rear hopper as it is pumped the foam is then injected in the discharge line.
At 6 meters long and weighing 7.5 ton and capable of pumping foam concrete over 150 liner meters at 50 cubic meters per hour it is the ideal machine for most small to large projects.


roline pump foam concrete limited 

Portable foam generator
The portable foam units are used for producing foam concrete densities between  1000kgm3-1600kgm3.The foam is produced by forcing water and foaming agent through a foam lance at a 5% concentration.
Slurry is ordered from the local concrete plant, which is manufactured on recipes appropriate for the contract. on arrival to site the foam lance is then placed into the rear of the truck-mixer and the foam is then injected.
The concrete truck-mixer would have its drum on fast spin. The rotation of the drum blends the preformed foam into the slurry to produce the finished product. Once ready the foam concrete can be discharged straight in to the pour or pumped to the final location.